Work from home for women

Work from home for women: Proven ways to boost your career

“When women do better, economies do better.” Have you ever thought what Christine Madeleine Odette Lagarde, the former head of International Monetary Fund conveyed through this message? To understand how work from home for women can transform the economic health of every household, one needs to decode what Christine Lagarde wanted to say and what impact it can bring to overall work culture.

Evidence shows that if women can be empowered, if they can be brought into mainstream, it can boost economic health multiple times. Instead of reading about gender equality stories, let us create the right environment that encourages women to start working at any stage of their lives.

If you look for the facts about women in workforce in, you will find that the written history talks about agriculture being the chief human occupation since inception. This trade was not confined to men only. All the physically challenging works were done by women as well. Starting from grinding grain by hand to drawing and carrying water, gathering wood and churning milk to produce butter, women had no respite until they gave birth to a new baby.

But the industrial revolution brought a major change. From agriculture land, people move to factories to work and earn their livelihoods. For family life home was the center and for productive professional life, factories became the focus point. The profession for men changed but not the situation of women.

The similar situation continued till the mid-19th century when the male members took the charge of earning for the family and women took responsibilities of family household tasks and domestic chores.

Work from home for women
To reach at the current stage women had to fight a long battle. Today they are work from home for women options as well.

Best work from home jobs

The role of women whose chief pursuits were motherhood and domesticity in early years continued well into the 20th century. The technological advancement and growing culture of digitisation in the late 20th century brought steady and robust change.

Now women are at the centre of several innovations and advancements. When the world is fighting against an invisible enemy called COVID-19, the work form home culture has introduced a wave of opportunities for housewives, moms and those professionals who are willing to renew their career with a fresh vigour, energy and excitement to grab all the opportunities existing as best work from home jobs

Where to start

The right time will never come. This is the perfect time to start your second inning as a working professional and look into work from home part time opportunities. Since you are looking for work from home for women opportunities, you must keep your social media profiles updated. Your profile page should highlight your core competencies, skill sets and hobbies.

Try to connect and collaborate in different groups which will help you explore new opportunities which may not be knowing. Try to solve and share your ideas as much as you can, this will improve others confidence in you and this way your future employers may approach you without you initiating contact them.

Why to start

Money is a much-needed fuel that helps in running your family. Look at the people who are at the lowest strata of society, you must have seen their entire family members working to earn sufficient money to fulfil their basic needs The same scenario is prevalent in the richest people of the society. But for middle class, one individual earns and the entire family becomes dependent upon him/her.

During emergency situations like COVID-19, such families suffer a lot. Even you would have seen some of your near and dear ones lose their jobs when their companies went for downsizing the workforce. Even for them digging out work from home ideas  and how to work from home and earn money became a constant puzzle.

When the entire world is digitally connected you have multiple options to choose from. Sitting at your home you can manage your household chores, take care of your babies and spare some productive time to convert it into paychecks.   

How to do work from home and what are the options available

There are many job opportunities which require technical skills so let us first discuss those jobs which can be done either with existing skill sets or with some minimum online training. Read till the end to know how to do work from home. All these job options can be explored as full time or if time doesn’t permit you can also try them as part time jobs work from home.

Become a blogger

Present yourself as a brand. To create your own online platform, blogging is the best way to start virtual career. As a housewife and mom you can easily start this. Your knowledge and interest will help you grow your blogging community. To know how to start a blog click on this link to find step by step guide to start from scratch. For blogging you have to pick a niche. Your interests will help you pick a topic and share your diverse knowledge about that.

Suppose you love cooking, you can share your recipes and all the food lovers can be your followers. Baby care, home care, home remedies, gardening, embroidery and so on, you are multi talented and any topic will help you fulfil your goals. You can also check several tutorials available on Youtube to know what blogging is and how it can be monetized.

Best work from home jobs
Starting a cooking blog or sharing online cooking tutorials are the best work from home jobs

Starting a money minting blog is the best thing to do in the present scenario when more and more businesses are becoming virtual. Many bloggers share their income reports. Read about them. This will help you make up your mind. There are many bloggers who started from penny and are now working as an entrepreneur with a team of professionals.

Get ready for Virtual Assistance

In office assistants handle a lot of work and in this digital era Virtual Assistants are playing similar roles but with added responsibilities and with a lot of commitments. Reply to emails, fill out forms, handling some other administrative jobs were considered enough in the past but now the job scope has changed and expanded as well.

Investopedia defines Virtual Assistant as

A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who provides administrative services to clients while operating outside of the client’s office. A virtual assistant typically operates from a home office but can access the necessary planning documents, such as shared calendars, remotely.

These days, the talented VAs are capable enough to handle social media, content management, blog post writing, graphic design and internet marketing. This is a perfect career option for work from home for women. You can easily maintain a work life balance and monetize your free time while working as a VA. There are established online platforms which also provide training to help you grow as a VA. Click here to find multiple course options in VA category from Udemy. You can choose anyone that suits well to you.

Freelance writing:

If you love reading and writing, freelance writing can be one of the best options for work from home for women. If you feel you can’t handle blogging even in that case also you can go for this career option. A known name in moms blog world, Elna Clain has written a comprehensive guide explaining everything which requires you to become a freelance writer career option. Click here to read this step by step guide.

 No matter in which country you are, your efforts to make freelance writing as your career would be same. You have to follow a similar path to become a freelance writer. Stay at home moms and those who got fed up with their Monday to Friday 9-5 mundane jobs, quit their secure job to pursue their freelance writing dream.

You can find the best 20 ways to find freelance writing jobs by clicking on the below link.

You can also try another gold mine which will fetch you freelance writing opportunities. To find click here.

There are several free materials also available to help you understand the requirements of being a freelance writer and how much you can make out of it. A case study based blog post might help you in a better way to plan and jump into writing career. Click on the link to read this case study.

You can also use suggested keywords to find guest post writing opportunities that will help you boost more earning opportunities. The keywords are: “Jobs + “blog for us”, “Jobs + “guest post”, “Jobs + “write for us”, “Jobs + “write for me”, “Jobs + “become a contributor”, “Jobs + “guest column”, “Jobs + “guest author”, “Jobs + “guest article”, “Jobs + “guest blogger”.

Online Tutoring

When you all were stuck in your homes, when the entire world looked stand still, when the virtual enemy forced us to remain outdoors, nothing looked like moving except the channels of communication. You can say that even during lockdown there was no lockdown on communication. Thanks to the virtual classrooms, even without physical schools, students remained busy in their homeworks and other physical activities.

To know more about Online tutoring opportunities and how it suits well to moms who are seeking work from home opportunities, click on the below link.

Work from home job
Online tutoring can be one of the best work from home jobs


As a copywriter you can help yourself earn even in six figures. You don’t need a formal training to start copywriting career. Most of the copywriters currently work remotely so this is the best career option for work from home for women. In the present digitally connected world companies are hiring copywriters to expand their existing business. Copywriting is an art through which words are used to prompt action. Copywriting can be used for multiple purposes and platforms including advertising, website content development, Email writing, blog posts, brochures, presentations, video scripts, product descriptions, course promotions etc.

If you haven’t heard about copy writing you should first read a comprehensive writeup on copywriting from American Writers and Artists Institute. You can also refer another blog post on this website which talks in detail about copywriting. Click here to read that blog post.

Work form home job list doesn’t end here. Find a list of 50 jobs that can help you know more about work from home part time opportunities. Click on the link embedded here:

Web development, social media management, resume writing, survey takers, product testing, telecommuting, customer service, order processing, e-librarians, bloggers, and information retrieval experts, the list is gradually expanding as companies are relying more and more on virtual workers. The online work from home ideas has created win win situation for both employers as well as employees.

There is no hassle of driving and reaching to a far away office. There is no need to deal with traffic jams now. Wastng time in endless meetings and cafeteria chit chats are not there which used to take a lot of energy and time.

There are few more online jobs for which you can get paid. You can earn for reading e-mail, taking photos, moderating web forums, and writing descriptions of cities and attractions. Surfing the web and using certain search engines can also fetch you some money in certain cases. You can become an online one stop solution that can be an example for others in how to work from home and earn money.

Work from home tips

Instead of mindlessly searching for work form home part time it is better to narrow down your search. Choose a specific industry in which you are interested and search exactly for the designation which you are looking for. This is the most crucial work from home tips which many forget while searching work from home ideas.

Keep in mind these practices

Be super specific:

There are thousands of jobs on online platforms. If you don’t know what you want, you will never reach to a stage where you could know how to work from home and earn money. You should also be specific while choosing the sites where you can find work from home job. Linkedin,, etc are some reliably sites that will help you grab what you are looking for.

Be unique and distinctive

Whether you look for in office job or virtual job, the job space is highly competitive. Your resume, cover letter and your approach towards your employer should be unique and impressive. In this cut throat competition, if you are not different you will not be given opportunity. Know your strengths and weaknesses, and portray your facts well so that your employer can be sure why you are the ideal candidate for the remote job. This will help you get shortlisted immediately.

Since you are going to be scrutinized from head to toe, be super focused while applying for freelance work from home.

Work from home in India

Here are the list of some prominent sites that will help you get Work form home in India. They are

It is considered as the largest remote job community across the world. With over 2.5 mn monthly visitors, the site can help you get a job in any category.

Visit the site and you will realize that it works on the principle of good employers should get good employees. A nice principle to run any business, right?

Even if you are a beginner, you will find this user friendly platform made for everyone. Their team of experts help in aligning right candidates to the right job.

Aiming to provide work from home jobs from across the world they have created a wonderful board.

Subscribe to their bi-monthly newsletter and you will find ample amount of part time jobs work from home job opportunities. Even while working form home if you do not want to feel alone, this site is best for you as they strongly portray their tagline: ‘You will never work’ alone.

hand-picked lists, well reviewed and curated by their expert group of internal team members, this site is highly customized for remote job seekers. 

If you are interested in tech and digital based remote jobs, you will prefer this site. With minimal, direct and neat layout the job portal has wonderful automated board for best work from home jobs.

Dribble is mostly for top-notch software developers, designers, and small studios. Wonderfully crafted, at Dribbble you will find creative portfolios of job seekers.

For freelancers, this one is the best choice to get freelance work from home jobs. Both clients and freelancers reach this site to engage for long and short term projects.

Let’s check out some most obvious FAQs
What’s the trend of remote work and will it sustain?

Work form home jobs in India and across the world has seen massive surge. We wrote a separate blog on remote jobs which reads as, “On April 1, 2020 India Today, a leading news portal, reported that there is a 261% surge in work from home job searches. Remote jobs India market had suddenly started seeing a huge and unexpected demand.”

You can click on the link below to read the entire blog post.

This was not the assessment of one report. Most of the job portals received high demand of online jobs. Though this concept was experimented in 2009, but in the last one year it is helping companies and employees  to get through the prevailing crisis and move ahead in life.

The way remote jobs has got momentum and acceptance specially among parents, it’s going to stay for long. With all the existing challenges, it has its own merits which will keep it in high demand.

Many of you would be surprised to know that way back in 2014 Global Leadership Summit, organized at the London Business School, company executives expected that half to three-quarters of their full-time workforce would be working from home.

The main reason behind this forecast was the indications of quick erosion of Monday-Friday 9-5 jobs concept.  The current scenario has proved validated this forecast. Thanks to the growing culture of tech based operation and continuous shift in the management thinking.

How to get a remote job and which are the companies looking for virtual employees?

We have given the list of portals which provide the details of openings. All the important job sites are highlighting such vacancies. Apart from all social media sites you can search,, We work remotely,, flexjobs, working nomads, remotive, jobspresso, dribble and can help you reach to your desired company.

Since there are varieties of job available in this category, you can choose the best one which suits your qualifications and expectation.

If you are interested more in online tutoring jobs, I will suggest to read this blog which covers everything  you would like to know.

Last year in the first quarter when economy was shrinking because of sudden impact of the pandemic, online tutoring was the only sector which saw massive growth. The digitally connected world came closer and Indian teachers got consistent opportunities to handle offshore assignments. From daily homeworks to understanding the tough subjects students in US, UK, Australia and several other countries got help from Indian tutors.

Having experience certainly gives an edge over others who is more fascinated by this concept. Your experience is a prove to companies that you know how to manage your day and know how to organize your day. Some other qualities employer’s look into ideal candidates are: Being self-motivated, accountable, trustworthy, disciplined, and excellent communication skills. In a distributed company you should follow the mantra of communicate as much as possible.

How to connect with your team?

Softwares are the only connecting points for a company with scattered employees. Many companies, develop their own suit of softwares to provide shared space but others are dependented upon the popular ones available in the public domain. For team meetings, video calls Instant messaging and project management the popular sites and softwares used are: Webex, Zoom, Google Duo, Whatsapp video, audio and messaging, Google doc etc.

Creating online book clubs, promoting shared communities for common interests and hobbies, connecting on specific occasions and festivals and celebrating common success are some of the ways that keeps teams connected, and attached as a team. These activities help employees feel like a collective force and not an isolated ones who are confined into their homes.

Is it challenging to stay focused and committed?

At home office, you will have many temptations that will distract your attention. Your virtual social engagements, Netflix, Amazon prime, laundry, dishes, online shopping, spouse, children, relatives, roommates, pets like dog, cat everything will pose a challenge for you to stay focused. But with my own experience I can say that remote employees are more productive than in office employees. You can lose your focus while working in office as well so just follow these tips and experience a gradual improvement in your progress and productivity.

Set everyday goals, fix your weekly and monthly targets

Take the help of stayfocused chrome extention to disable social media sites. If required keep your phone away form you. Elementing the most obvious distractions help considerably

Take frequent breaks and move away form your at home office place. This improves your productivity

You must be clear about your most productive time when you can handle your most challenging and demainding tasks

What keeps you in work mode should be clear to you. It can be certain playlist, a fixed work space, noise cancelling headphones, some snacks etc

Keep listening motivating and focus enhancing music.

There is no fixed pattern of improving productivity at home office. You just need to break the stereotype and innovate anything which keeps you going. Don’t look at your computer when you know that you are not delivering. You can take a break, play for few minutes with your pets or do the dishes. Gradually you will know that what works for other may not be working for you. Develop your own productivity formula.

Are wok from home jobs provide more output?

There are several reports that suggest that during remote jobs, employees took less breaks, shorter breaks, worked for more hours, avoided taking sick leaves and got more work done. There is a common finding that people who work remotely feel more satisfied about their job and so they do a better job.

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