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Remote Jobs India is here to transform your life in 2021

On April 1, 2020 India Today, a leading news portal, reported that there is a 261% surge in work from home job searches. Remote jobs India market had suddenly started seeing a huge and unexpected demand.

Indeed, one of the top job sites in the world, confirmed in a report, during the initial pandemic days, that the top phrases job seekers used to find jobs included remote, work from home, online jobs etc.

As soon as the pandemic struck worldwide, people started feeling locked up in their homes. India was not an exception. During those testing times many lost their jobs and for rest of them, there was massive cut in salary. That was the time when demand for remote jobs in India got a huge boost.

Remote jobs India

Remote Jobs India
Remote Jobs India saw a massive surge in the initial days of COVID-19 pandemic. This has got more popularity amongst housewives and moms busy in household chores

Most of the companies which continued their day to day work were dependent on online operation. Except production and supply, every other kind of work was efficiently executed through remote mediums. To sum it up, with the help of remote jobs online, there was no lock down on communication.

In any job opportunity flexibility is the most attractive element to impress the job seekers. Talking about this, Mr Pawel Adrjan, Economist at Indeed said, “Flexibility has always been a vital aspect of job opportunities to job seekers, especially millennials, who today make up over half of India’s working population.” This is the one aspect that is impressing young work force and so they seek more and more opportunities available in remote jobs online.

Remote jobs in India

Before talking about remote jobs in India, let’s first understand how remote jobs online started across the world. Writing about the long history remote jobs from home, published a detailed report highlighting how and when it started. Large and small companies have been trying their best to make it happen as long ago as 1985.

IBM experimented remote jobs online in 2009 by allowing 40% of its 386, 000 employees, spread across 173 countries, to work remotely. In the past one decade companies like Aetna, Best Buy, Bank of America, Yahoo, AT&T and Reddit also provided remote working opportunities. Every decision was influenced by a thought to achieve a win win situation for both employees and executives. And now remote jobs in India is creating a big change in HR’s approach towards full time and part time work force.

Remote Jobs in India
Remote jobs in India has seen tremendous jump and this is going to stay for long

Telecommuting, a technology based innovation, looked promising and productive in the initial stage.  But before you start looking out for such jobs, it’s important to understand how many types of remote jobs are available so that you can choose the best remote jobs which may suit you.

Nothing can be better than working from comfort of your home. Whether you want a fresh job or you are looking for a side hustle, remote jobs in India have been trending amongst job seekers. From entry level remote jobs to best remote jobs, aspirants are looking for all sorts of opportunities in remote jobs from home so that a much desired job flexibility may give them work life balance. For housewives and moms who are looking for some opportunities to convert their leisure time into cash, remote jobs from home can offer them big opportunities.

Remote jobs from home
This is the search result of work from home jobs and the results show how much opportunities have opened up

If you want the luxury of ‘to do what you are good at’ and get the best payment available in the market, you should try some of the best remote jobs from home available at present. So how to get remote jobs and what are the high paying remote jobs?

Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistants provide administrative job assistance from a remote location. There are varieties of tasks available for Virtual Assistants which includes data entry, providing customer service, maintaining websites and blogs, managing projects, scheduling appointments, creating presentations etc. For entry level remote jobs, this is the best option as you can get a job depending upon your qualification, experience, and time availability.

As a virtual assistant you must have a good communication skill, and the basics of other Microsoft Office features such as MS Word, Excel and Power Point. You can get training for such jobs and apply at LinkedIn and Upwork along with other job sites.

Best remote jobs
People Also Ask box showing how many ways job aspirants are trying to know the best possible opportunities

 From simple to specialized tasks whatever you get, depends upon the services you offer. You can decide the quantum of work depending upon time availability. For housewives and moms busy in the household chores, the part time Virtual Assistant jobs can be an ideal option. If you are a fresher you can get around few hundreds of rupees for an hour but with few years of experience you can charge over thousand rupees.

If you want to read more about virtual assistant jobs and other requirements, do read this blog to understand it better and get well prepared.  

Content Writing and Copy Writing

No business can exist without a content rich website. Your expertise as a content writer can be a great help if you wish to kick of your remote jobs from home options. Content writing services are inevitable in all sorts of business. If you are good at grammar and have knowledge of story telling, Search Engine Optimization, content writing is a nice way to work remotely from India.

You can start content writing work from a modest amount and start charging a decent rate once you establish yourself.  From Re1 per word to Rs8 to 10 per word, you can charge anything between these rates depending upon how much comfortable you are in writing.

Remote jobs in India
Demand of remote jobs in India has been witnessing massive rise and that has given boost to content and copy writing opportunities

Some international platforms like PeoplePerHour, Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr are great sites to start your online writing job. If you pursue it seriously this can be best remote jobs for you.

Like content writing, there are many copy writers who proudly say we work remotely. Opportunities in copy writing can be the ideal answer to your quest of how to get remote jobs.  Though it is a specialized profession, but with regular practice you can master it and can become an ideal option which will pay you handsomely.

Learn the art of converting people into your customers and see what you can get in return. Copy writing is a highly skilled and high paying job which is quite in vogue these days. If you can create magic with your copy, no one can stop you from becoming a homepreneur. To know more about copy writing jobs, you must read a blog written on this topic which will give you detailed information about the opportunities available and the earning scope.

Online Tutoring

To know what you can do in online tutoring, just go through the recent advertisements of Whitehat Jr, Vedantu, BYJU’s and other learning platform. With the growing culture of online education, many online platforms have come out that provide wonderful option to make a full time or part time career into it.   

If you search what are high paying remote jobs, you will online tutoring is one of the excellent options if you have expertise in any subject which is quite in demand. Check how to get remote jobs and remote tutoring will come out as one of the prominent options. From hourly to monthly basis, you can charge depending upon what you teach and how much time you are paying for that.

We work remotely
The community of we work remotely is growing steadily and it is a positive sign for those who are exploring to search some side hustle

Work remotely meaning getting into such fields which can provide you better work life balance. To explore opportunities in India sites like Vedantu, BharatTutor and Tutor India can be a good option but by reaching platforms like,, Chegg. com,, and Amazetutors. com, it’s possible to connect with tutoring options available for students based in the UK, the US, Canada and Australia.

With a specialised subject knowledge and a high quality web-camera you can start work remotely from India. If you directly contact students you can fix your rate per hour or per student but some tutoring sites don’t allow to contact students directly and they always prefer to pay a monthly salary.

Online tutoring has a huge scope of earning but you have to be subject matter expert, otherwise you will have to compromise with the payment structure. To know more about online tutoring in India and opportunities available click here to read an extensive blog on this topic.

To understand the benefits of working from home, Airtasker did a survey of 1,004 full-time employees and it found that out of them 505 were remote employees. The result shows that the group who can say proudly we work remotely is growing across the globe and is creating more and more opportunities.  

This survey has given more value to remote jobs from home. According to its findings, remote employees work extra 1.4 days per month than in office employees. This way they work 17 additional days in a year. Despite taking longer breaks 22 minutes versus 18 minutes, remote employees work 10 minutes a day extra. Remote employees are unproductive only for 27 minutes a day whereas in office workers are unproductive for an average 37 minutes, excluding lunch or brakes. 15% of remote workers feel their boss distracted them which is 22% higher for office bases employees.  

Such statistics strongly back why the keyword ‘Work-From-Home’ has been one of the top three most searched keywords by job seekers in the last five months on platform. Even the percentage contribution of WFH jobs has gone up four-fold in 2020 versus 2019 because of the global pandemic. And now this trend will further rise and both employees as well as employers will have to create a win win situation. This development is a blessing in disguise for stay at home moms and housewives who have left their regular in office jobs and looking for some alternatives to convert their extra time into paychecks.

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