Online tutoring jobs India

Why 2021 is a perfect year for online tutoring jobs India

On 8th Oct, 2020 Times of India published a report highlighting the remarkable journey of TutorComp, a four year old startup based in Infopark Kochi. The edtech platform has been helping students to follow international curriculum with one-to-one teaching facility by educators from multiple countries. When this report was  published, the startup had 500 tutors from eight countries and students from more than 22 countries. 

Online tutoring jobs India
The disruption brought by the pandemic introduced several work opportunities. Online tutoring jobs India is also playing a pivotal role in the ongoing disruption.

The disruptions caused by COVID-19 pandemic brought significant changes in the online tutoring jobs India. In the last eight to nine months, it has gone through a paradigm shift. From oldest schools in the United Kingdom to any newly launched one most of them turn to digital medium to keep pace with the new normal. Online tutoring jobs from home came to the rescue of students who started missing their precious studies because of the sudden rise of the pandemic.

The golden triangle of Learn-Do-Teach became the mantra when learning online, practicing and then imparting new skills is still in trend revolutionsing the digital opportunities. Better pay and work from home opportunity created a new way to live across the world. The answer of how to get online tutoring jobs looked so simple that professionals from other fields also tried their luck in this steam. Formal degrees like BEd, CTET or UGC-NET are not required, you just need to be abreast with technology to become a part of best online tutoring jobs.

The demand in online tutoring jobs in India has experienced a sudden surge but the ed-tech platforms were getting momentum steadily even three to four years back. The importance of this sector was realised when students got stuck in homes and schools were closed indefinitely. Let’s see how many types of online tutoring jobs are available. If you are a teacher and looking for some alternative of fixed in office jobs, you must read till the end.

Online tutoring jobs India and online tutoring jobs for teachers

By the time this blog post was published, a leading job portal, highlighted the requirement of over 11000 online tutors. From Linkedin to other online platforms like most of them were buzzing with the opportunities and openings for online tutoring jobs for teachers.

The demand for such teachers was so high in the initial days of pandemic that Mr Colin Dowland, the headteacher at Woodridge Primary School in North Finchley, London wrote to the parents of children associated with the school, as reported in

He appealed to the parents to start getting teacher training at the earliest. He wrote, “”Can I encourage all those particular parents, who now consider themselves to be educational experts, to sign up for teacher training at their earliest convenience, since there are never enough teachers and I suspect many will be leaving the profession after this year.” He advised parents that there are number of different access routes to get into teaching.

Online tutoring jobs India and online tutoring jobs for teachers
Online tutoring jobs India and online tutoring jobs for teachers were searched quite frequently and in large numbers.

The demand for online tutoring jobs in India was quite high because of demand for online study support expected from all over the world. From calculus to computer programing, online tutoring in India have been providing all sorts of support to students from United Kingdom and United States. The best thing about online tutoring jobs for teachers was they are offering these services from staying at the comfort of their homes anywhere in India. You don’t need to be in a specific city only. As a subject matter expert with good teaching style, you can be in high demand even for the students sitting miles away living in any other country.

Online tutoring jobs in India
People ask box shows searchers are more interested in knowing how to get into online tutoring jobs in India

Online tutoring jobs from home came as a blessing in disguise for teachers as well as students. School students got through their homework easily and college students could better understand the concepts of economics and advanced scientific topics which would have been tough to understand without any guidance.

When Indian economy contracted by almost 24% by the end of June quarter due to the pandemic impacts, education technology industry remained buoyant. Santa Clara based student services company Chegg saw a surge of 69% year on year in the number of student subscribers and most of these students were dependent on India based freelance online tutors. Seeing the growing scope of work from home online tutors if you are willing to join this sector, it’s important for you to know the important tutoring sites.

Online tutoring sites in India

If you are looking for remote jobs in India (click on the link to find more options of remote jobs) you must explore your job options in the online tutoring. Online tutoring sites in India provide a list of job options which you would be looking for. Sign into these sites, share your expertise, skill sets, experience and other details and you are good to go. The top 10 online tutoring sites in India have seen massive growth in the last seven to eight months.

Because of huge demand the landscape of tech-based education sector is changing fast and many platforms are exploring options to expand their existing business and they are connecting to more students and teachers across the world. Now sitting at the comfort of your home you can provide tutoring services and receive handsome income.

Online tutoring sites in India
Online tutoring sites in India is providing options to students as well as teachers to explore the best options available

While searching best online tutoring sites in India, the most obvious name which first comes in mind is of Vedantu which highlights a tag line ‘India’s Learning Won’t Stop’ promising a wonderful career in online tutoring in India. With over 40000 students and more than 500 online teachers Vedantu has a very simple and quick way to connect with it. After signing up here, you have to give an assessment test and provide a teaching demo to the experts.

TutorMe provides on demand online tutoring services. Thousands of students and teachers trust the quality services offered by another online tutoring platform Teacheron. Sign up, fill the details of your profile and you are free to reach out to students to start your online tutoring journey. Skooli is the best option for you, if learning difficult subjects and getting better grade is your goal. Highly qualified tutors available here ensure you understand your subject well and also work towards ensuring your better grade.  Tutorcity, Unacademy, Byju’s are some other leading names in this sector which continue to provide high quality education in sync with latest trends.

Best paying online tutoring jobs

As an online tutor you will have to content with low return if you are not a subject expert and your teaching style is shaky. But if you are a pro and know how to handle students and clear their doubts, you are bound to get decent income.

Once you sign up to websites like,, you can have multiple options to choose from. The specialisation in a particular subject and your style in teaching play critical role in providing you high return. To get best paying online tutoring jobs, you need to provide your services to the international students. Getting payment in dollars will help you maintain best earning tutors profile.

Economics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, programming and other competitive exam expert teachers are those who earn a lot whether they teach to Indian or foreign students. Even English teachers are high in demand. Many international exams need good score in English test. By helping students get through it you can earn at the decent rate.

Best paying online tutoring jobs
Best paying online tutoring jobs are those options which help students to get better grade and learn specialized subjects

If you are good in writing and understand customers well, you can also try your luck in copywriting. To know more in copywriting jobs in India and opportunities available click here to read an in-depth blog published earlier on quick money for moms website.  

Online tutoring jobs in India without investment

Online tutoring jobs don’t require much investment. Your knowledge is the most important resource which helps you to excel well in online tutoring in India. Since you are available to students through online medium, it is important that you have a desktop/computer, a high-quality microphone, strong internet connection and muti cam facility.

These minimum required accessories are nothing at all if you compare it with other sectors. This is a one-time investment and once you set up these facilities at your place, you can feel like starting online tutoring jobs in India without investment. You must remember whatever accessories you need for online tutoring jobs, they are one time investment. With more exposure and experience you are bound to grow, so arrange these accessories as soon as possible and focus on building your profile diligently.

Online tutoring jobs in India without investment
The accessories required to start online tutoring is more like starting online tutoring jobs in India without investment

Demand for online tutoring jobs is fuelling the ed-tech business and it will continue to grow. If you love learning and love teaching you must explore your career in it. Teaching is a wonderful career as you can shape the world the way you want to. It is more like creating your dream world by guiding students to become what you want them to.

If you are looking for more online job options, Virtual Assistant jobs are also wonderful options to explore job opportunities. If you want to know more about Virtual Assistance and the opportunities available click here to read an interesting blog at  

To read more about work from home job opportunities, do not miss the pillar post created on this website. Click here to read.


Who can get into Online tutoring jobs in India?

Online tutoring in India is open for all. If you have technical expertise and you are abreast with the latest tech trends you can be successful in this profession.

Before jumping into it, you must take care of your communication skills. Because connecting with anyone virtually requires high level of smartness communication style.

 What are the qualifications required to get best paying online tutoring jobs?

The skills and qualifications required to be a good online tutor is similar to what is required to be a successful in person tutor. You must be a subject matter expert. Apart from exhibiting an adaptable teaching style, you must be good at one-to-one teaching skills. Apart from your subject knowledge and teaching style, you must have a computer, a strong internet connection, ability to type fast and handle other technical know how to start online tutoring in India. But while starting you should also practice how to pay attention to details.

How to get into online tutoring?

There are many freelancing sites which list these jobs and by signing up you can start working for them.

How many hours are required to do online tutoring?

It depends. If you are offering your services as a freelancer, you need to be available for 3-4hrs per day. Even as a subject matter expert you can offer your services for 3-4 hours. But as a permanent teacher you are expected to be available for around 40 hours per week. If you are offering your services on hourly basis you can have better command over timings and manage your leisure time.

How much online tutors charge?

It totally depends upon your knowledge, technical skills, teaching style and the specific subject in which you want to teach. Mostly science teachers and those online tutors who help students succeed in competitive exams like medical, engineering, GRE, charge exorbitant prices. On an average, you can charge between $20 to $30. The thumb rule is the more advanced or specialized the subject, the higher the rate.  

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