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Why online copywriting jobs will boom in 2021?

Online copywriting jobs have never been searched in the past the way it has been done in the last one year.

If you are new to copywriting, don’t worry.

Welcome aboard!

You can either switch to copywriting jobs or start your career with this.

Copywriting is one of the critical aspects of marketing and advertising. If done well, it can the change the face of the brand in no time.

Online copywriting jobs are niche career opportunity for those who have passion for writing and understand what customers want

Let’s first understand what is copywriting jobs

According to American Writers and Artists Institute, Copywriting is the process of writing persuasive marketing and promotional materials that motivate people to take some form of action, such as make a purchase, click on a link, donate to a cause, or schedule a consultation.

These materials can be either in printed form or it can be available online. Scripts used for videos or in commercials are also known as copywriting materials.

Copywriting is not the test of your English writing skills. In fact it is nothing but the assessment of your understanding of customers. 

copywriting jobs online
Copywriitng jobs online is a wonderful career opportunity for those who has taken a break from the regular office jobs

How to Become a Copywriter in India

Once you have understood what is copywriting you would like to know how to become a copywriter in India and how to offer copywriting services?

Copywriting is a skill which is based on some specific principles that applies to all types of copy. If you master these skills your ticket to copywriting success is almost guaranteed. 

Since copywriting is everywhere, so you can start noticing them and learn from every kind of material starting from the emails you get in your promotions section. The newsletters you subscribed and which keep coming to your inbox are also a form of copywritng.

Best Copywriting Courses

If you want to learn before starting your career and looking for some copywriting courses, there are plenty of it. Get it either through Youtube videos or from online materials on Udemy, Hubspot etc which can help you to quickly harness the essential skills.

While sharpening the skills, it is very important to start understanding the audience for which you have to write a copy. If you think you will write for the companies who will pay to you, you are wrong. They are not your real audience.

While learning all the elements of copywriting, you must ask to yourself: why should anyone read your copy? What is in it for them?

Start practicing writing for an ideal customer. Keep a buyer’s profile in your mind. A customer avatar or a buyer’s persona is what you require to start your copywriting work.

Freelance copywriting jobs

Once you are confident to jump in the copywriting profession, either you can start with freelance copywriting jobs or you can associate with a copywriting agency.

opportunities in copywriting jobs online or copywriting jobs from home will blow your mind
copywriting jobs online have huge opportunity

Working as a freelancer has its own benefits. Sitting at the comfort of your home, you can offer your services and convert your productive time into pay checks. This will help you to earn while spending quality time with your family members.

For moms who have left their jobs long back and expecting to restart their career, copywriting jobs online and copywriting jobs from home can be a wonderful part time career option which helps them to earn while they spend their rest of the time in managing family responsibilities.

In the recent pandemic time, many professionals who lost their job and had a nack of writing tried to test their copywriting skills and surprisingly they excelled as well in this highly competitive field.

freelance copywriting jobs
Freelance copywriting jobs are not only for those who are sitting at home. If you want to start a side gig, this is a wonderful opportunity

Once you know how to start freelance copywriting career, it would be wise to start with a particular niche. This will help you brand yourself and target a specific kind of company which deals in your niche.

You can approach them and claim what you bring with yourself as a copywriter.

There are many credible job sites which can help to explore freelance copywriting jobs in India. Some of them are,, etc. You can also explore options available through social sites especially from LinkedIn which is a fantastic platform to connect with your tribe and sell your copywriting services.

If you are looking for a remote work and wish to convert your leisure time into money, copywriting is one of the best options available around.

copywriting jobs from home
Copywriting jobs from home is going to provide you a great sense of pride and satisfaction

The best thing about this profession is it doesn’t require any kind of expenses from your side. If you have a desktop/laptop with good internet connection, you can offer copywriting services from anywhere without bothering how to handle your personal work.

Read, write and research. If you can feel excited for these three words, copywriting is certainly for you. Spend a lot of time reading customer behaviour, analysing how brands are talking about their products, why marketers have stopped talking about the features of their products and  how story-telling is winning the hearts of consumers.

Starting from headline to the body copy, if your story impresses the customer, if it excites him, trust me you are going to be the champion in copywriting profession.

You just need to master the craft of storytelling. And if your great stories are being told again-again by costumers themselves, your freelance career may soon become your fulltime profession. And who knows starting as a freelance writer, soon you start offering copywriting tips as well to nurture young talents and help them grow.

Once you prove your mettle, you can move from local to global. On digital platforms, the entire world behaves like a single village and once you prove your worth at one place you can smartly position yourself and connect to foreign clients as well.

copywriting services
There are several copywriting agency which will seek your copywriting services. Keep sharpening your skills.

Who knows the day you earn your first $, the door of earning more and more opens for you. There are many stories roaming around on online sites which describers the journey of individuals who are earning in six to seven figures only with their copywriting skills. Who knows next time even you become a story inspiring others to start this career.

So are you ready to start your journey of a covert salesperson where your main tool to deliver your assignments will be web of words. If yes, welcome to the world of copywriters.

While chasing your dream to become a copywriter, if you don’t get a better opportunity, meanwhile you can try Virtual Assistant Jobs. To help you understand everything about it, we have a written a detailed blog.

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  1. Very nice article. yes, copywriting or content writing jobs are more focused nowadays due to the pandemic situation globally. Many newcomers came with their digital marketing skills but don’t know how to write a blog post. So they hire content writers. This can be a very useful skill for moms. they can write when their small kids get asleep. only 15 mins writing is sufficient for developed writing skills.

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